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In the new policy update for the Google Partners Badge, you are required to have at least 50% Google Ads certified users. The certification exams are held on I can help you maintain your Google partner badge by completing the exams and earn certifications for you.

You need to have at least one certification to qualify for the Google Partners Badge. Options are limited to Search and Display Exams. Video, Shopping, Measurement, and Apps certifications will not be considered to qualify for the Partner badge.

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Link your Google partners (Google Ads account) with SkillShop account?

To earn the Google partner badge, you need to link your Skillshop account with Google Ads Account. Follow these steps to connect your Google Ads with SkillShop. Read More…

How to maintain 50% eligible users’ condition to maintain Google Partner Badge?

Let’s say you have 4 employees and 20 clients linked in your Google Ads manager account. The total number is (4 + 20) 24. So you need at least 12 users Google ads certified. Read More…

How to maintain Google partner badge with latest Google Ads 2021 policy?

In the latest policy change, you need to have at least 50% Google ads certified users. You need to make your client do certification before working on their Ads account. Read More…

Study Guide – Find the Correct Answers of Google Certification Exams



Shopping Exam

Video Exam

Apps Exam


Search Ads

  • What configuration setting eliminates duplicate conversions between advertisers?
    Revenue Counter Action Shared Floodlight configuration The correct answer is: Shared Floodlight configuration Explanation: Each Search Ads 360 advertiser and its associated Campaign Manager advertiser share the same set of Floodlight settings, activities, and tags used to report conversions. This makes it possible to track conversions from both display and search advertising using a single set of tags. It also prevents cross-channel conversion funnels from
  • What is shown in the “Last sync” details tab? (select two)
    A list of campaigns modified A list of error types The number of errors during the sync The time that the sync occurred The correct answers are: The time that the sync occurred and The number of errors during the sync Explanation: Click the Last sync details tab to see: Number of objects (campaigns, groups, ads, and keywords) on the engine at the time of
  • Which three features can be used to integrate offline conversion data?(select three)
    Google Data Studio sFTP Bulksheets Search Ads 360 API The correct answers are: sFTP, Bulksheets, and Search Ads 360 API Explanation: Upload from the Search Ads 360 API: If you have a computer system that maintains conversion data, you can write a program that uses the Search Ads 360 API (application programming interface) to automatically upload conversions. Upload from a bulk sheet: Enter data about
  • When Campaign Manager isn’t used as the ad server, what should Search Ads 360 advertisers link to in Campaign Manager?
    Campaign Placement Publisher Advertiser The correct answer is: Advertiser Explanation: If the advertiser doesn’t exist in your Campaign Manager account, you will need to create the advertiser first. Note that each Campaign Manager advertiser in your Campaign Manager account can be linked to only one Search Ads 360 advertiser. Learn more about the one-to-one relationship between Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager. Read more here:
  • When setting a CPA, ERS, or ROAS target for a bid strategy, how much conversion history should be considered?
    2 weeks 3 months 1 week 3-4 weeks The correct answer is: 3-4 weeks Explanation: It’s best to start a Search Ads 360 bid strategy with a CPA, ERS, or ROAS target that matches historical (last 3- 4 weeks) performance because large differences in target ROI compared to historical performance may have an unexpected effect on spend and conversions or revenue. Read more here:

Display & Video 360

  • What is the difference between Programmatic Guaranteed deals and preferred deals?
    Programmatic Guaranteed deals are incompatible with conversion pixels Preferred deals have required minimum spend Preferred deals do not allow targeting edits in Display & Video 360 Programmatic Guaranteed deals have required minimum spend The correct answer is: Programmatic Guaranteed deals have required minimum spend Explanation: Programmatic Direct helps connect buyers and sellers of digital advertising. For publishers, Programmatic Direct allows them to package together specific
  • What step should be taken to configure a Programmatic Guaranteed deal once negotiations are complete?
    Select the deal from the the insertion order’s Inventory Source targeting Add the Deal ID in the advertiser’s Basic Details Find the deal in Marketplace and assign the creative In My Inventory, find the deal and select configure The correct answer is: In My Inventory, find the deal and select configure Explanation: Sign in to your Display & Video 360 account. Select Inventory > My
  • At what levels can pacing be set?
    Line item and ad group Campaign and line item Campaign and insertion order Insertion order and line item The correct answer is: Insertion order and line item Explanation: Pacing is set at insertion order and line item level. Pacing is the rate at which a budget is spent. Read more here:
  • When targeting a private deal with a news publisher that constantly refreshes the text on the page, which targeting should be avoided?
    Time and Day Demographics Geography Keyword The correct answer is: Keyword Explanation: Content needs to be categorized before it can be associated with specific keyword and category targeting, and this can take several days after the content is published. For this reason, keyword and category targeting doesn’t work well with an inventory consisting of new or frequently changed content (for example, news and social media
  • Where can an advertiser set their campaign goal?
    Partner Settings Line Item Basic Details Insertion Order Default Targeting Campaign Settings The correct answer is: Campaign Settings Explanation: Advertisers can set their campaign goal in the setting of the campaign.

Creative Certification

  • What feature can be used to target multiple columns in a feed one at a time?
    Rotation priority Trafficking rules Feed priority Prioritized rules The correct answer is: Prioritized rules Explanation: Checking that box means that for that particular filterable column, an empty cell means that any value is eligible. This is typically used for the default rule. However, if you have a setup where multiple columns are getting filtered in one rule, it may make sense to check this box,
  • Which two options must be true to use open optimization? (select two)
    Only one row in the feed must be eligible to be served The dynamic feed must include a row with “optimize” in the cell More than one row in the feed must be eligible to serve In “Step 3: Manage Rules” rotation must be set to “Optimized” Correct answers are: More than one row in the feed must be eligible to serve and In “Step
  • What tool makes it possible to preview a creative on a mobile device that’s linked to a Studio account?
    QA Helper extension Google Web Designer IAB VAST tag tool Creative Preview app The correct answer is: Creative Preview app Explanation: Creative Preview is an Android and iOS mobile app for previewing mobile creatives. Use Creative Preview to test ads on mobile phones and tablets using supported mobile ads SDKs. Creative Preview works with DoubleClick Studio, Campaign Manager (DCM), Bid Manager, and Ad Exchange. Some
  • Echo remarketing uses dynamic content from what source?
    A feed The creative code Dynamic rules Custom Floodlight variables The correct answer is: Custom Floodlight variables Explanation: Before you can begin to build your dynamic creative, you first need to add Floodlight tags to the web pages where you want to track user activity. The Floodlight tags must be created in the same Campaign Manager account where you’ll push your dynamic creatives. Each Floodlight
  • What dynamic strategy uses a naming convention to replace numeric Campaign Manager IDs?
    Display & Video 360 line item filtering Data pass Remarketing Dynamic targeting keys The correct answer is: Dynamic targeting keys Explanation: Dynamic targeting keys are unique, friendly labels that can be assigned to ads, creatives and placements and used for targeting with Studio dynamic creatives. Use these labels to save time and avoid the errors that may arise when you use numeric Campaign Manager IDs

Google Analytics


  • How to find Google Ads or SEM project quickly on
    Many new freelancers keep searching about the trick to find their first Google Ads project. Finding first few SEM jobs is quite difficult. Even if having certifications in Google ads and Analytics you can take your first job easily until you are exceptionally lucky. There are some tips to grab your first SEO/Google Ads Job:
  • Secret tips to get first job on
    Finding your first project is not so easy. You need following things: Better Cover letter Projects to show Best reputation among others Reputation is the real secret of success. Reputation can be earned by getting best reviews. Here you can’t compromise. You can compromise with earning, work and work stress but can never compromise with
  • How to submit proposals on Sample cover letters
    To know how to submit the proposals for freelancing job is very important. Keep things in your mind while submitting the proposals: Most of the readers of this article are new to and other freelancing websites. Just focus on the project. You may have to compromise with earning in your first few projects. Focus
  • How to find the first job or project on Upwork?
    Finding right job on is not too hard. There are employers who purposely hire newcomers or new freelancers. Because new freelancers can deliver the job at better (competitive) price. They know that being a new freelancer, you will focus on rating instead of the money. How to apply for the job if you are
  • How to Hire right candidate on
    Finding right candidate on is not much hard if you just be aware of your work requirements. There are thousands of freelancers on always ready for your job but choosing the right candidate is quite tricky. Always remember: There are freelancers who can deliver the desired job at lower than expected budget Freelancers

Partner Badge


  • How to write SEO friendly content?
    How to write SEO friendly content and three ranking factor of any content.
  • How to use Disavow tool to get your site protected from bad links?
    How to make disavow file Examples of Disavow links Download the example of disavow file Time to process Disavow link request Benefits of using Disavow tool Reference Disavow tool is the only remedy if your website is penalized because of your SEO’s bad work or your competitor has made your backlinks on [email protected] website. Your
  • How to make Back links for better SEO
    Ways to make Good Backlinks Blog posting on external website Guest posting What to link? Are links really considered? What are the Quality links? Do Follow, No Follow and Sponsored Links Creating back links are as important for the SEO ranking as the good keyword rich content. Backlinks give strength to your website to get
  • How to protect the website from Bad Links?
    Protect your website from bad links is very hard. One side you want to be ranked on the top position of first page and on the other side you want your competitors ignore your success and do nothing to get you down; this is impossible! If you are ranking well on search engine and getting
  • Achieving SEO rankings by following Google Ads data
    Organic search and paid ads are often at odds because people pay more heed to the paid traffic coming from Google Ads than the free traffic flowing from organic results. But ideally, Google Ads and SEO should work together – one should help the other. So, who will help who and how? Here Google Ads

Guest Post

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    Thankfully, there’s one more perk that technology brings to students – access to helpful writing tools. Mastering the art of academic and creative writing gets easier when you have such tools at your disposal.
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    School4Seo has started accepting guest posts. Being a guest writing at far better than other website where you are asked to publish the content of not less than 800 words. Advantages You can post the article of even 150 words. The is no boundation of 800 or 1000 words. You submitted articles are quickly