G Suite promo code FREE Basic and Business in Desamark

At the corporate level, Google’s ecosystem of applications and services is particularly valued. Called G Suite, the American company offers a set of solutions to companies that revolve around different tools that help improve the communication and experience of these companies with their customers. In addition to offering greater control over issues related to planning, … Read more

What is Keyword Prominence

Keywords prominence is one of the various important factors for search engine optimization. It means, your keywords should be at prominent area in content of your web pages. To make higher prominence, you need to keep your keywords close to html tags such as <b> or <strong,>, <body>, <meta tag>, <Title>, <p>, <br>, <i> or <em>. … Read more

What is Keyword Proximity?

Keyword proximity refers to closeness of keywords. Your keywords should be close to each other in content of web page. Many people don’t know about keywords. They generally treats key phrases as a keyword. Usually we do not target keyword. For example: This post is related to “Keyword Proximity”. The word “Keyword Proximity” is not a … Read more

What is Directory Submission?

Directories are a kind of website which are used to store businesses and their information. You have seen telephone directory, just like that these are business directories. In telephone directory you can find any number by name. Same here, you can find any business and information about business. In these directories, businesses are listed in … Read more

What is Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is unethical practice of SEO. It may get your website spammed. Google may impose penalty or your website can be de-indexed by this practice. Keyword stuffing is not liked by crawler. It is like as you are imposing your keywords forcefully in your web page. You know that you can use 125 characters … Read more

What is Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is very essential to make your website’s popularity. Through Off Page Optimization you not only create popularity, you get back links too. And these even back links play great role to get your website ranked on search engines. There are various sources to get back links. We mean to say that there are many … Read more

What is On Page Optimization

In this process we do Search Engine Optimization by making changes on web pages. Few factors of On Page Optimization Appropriate meta tags and title tag: Meta tags should be meaningful. Title and Meta description pass information of your webpage to search engine. Prominence: Prominence is the most important factor of On Page Optimization. To … Read more

What is Indexing

Pages of your website are indexed by crawler to save in its database. This saving process is called indexing. There may be hundreds of pages in your website. But every page will be indexed, it can’t be assured. To check indexing status we use this command, “site:school4seo.com”. This command is used for even keyword mapping. … Read more

What is Caching

Caching of website is checked by “cache:school4seo.com”. This is used to see cache status of website. Cache status indicate active participation of crawler on your website. If crawler is visiting your website daily and updating its data base with updates occurred on your website, it means your website is being cached frequently. But if you … Read more

What Are Crawlers, Spiders, Bots & Robots?

Crawler bots and robots are same. This is an application written in programming language. This application is used to fetch new and existing websites, web page from net. All search engines have their own crawlers. Some search engines used same crawler to fetch all types of data and some have different crawlers for different data … Read more

Strategy of Successful SEO

Success of SEO lies on strategy. Successful SEO strategy can boost up your traffic where as unplanned work can convert your profit in loss. AT the end you would be empty handed if your strategy is poor and baseless. Strategy should not be made on guess. It should be well designed by all significant analysis. … Read more

What Are Back Links

Back links are those links which helps to get ranking in search engines. Actually, these links create reputation over internet for your website. Good reputation helps to get ranked over search engines. That’s why it is necessary in search engine optimization. Getting Backlinks is Off Page optimization activity. Getting backlinks from trusted and relevant sites … Read more

SEO for Restaurant and Hotels website

Travel industry is expanding its area day by day. There are lots of tourist destinations in India. And on every destination you can find all type of hotels and restaurants according to your budget. People are now more internet savvy. They book their hotels before reaching their destinations. In the era of this competition, hotels … Read more

Soft 404 is an error

Q. What is difference between 404 and soft404? Ans. When we use a custom page to redirect user of 404, it creates soft 404. Let me make this sentence clearer. Usually webmasters or SEOs create a new attractive 404 page and this page is shown every time when 404 not found error is displayed. It … Read more

SEO strategy for Travel website

Travel is vast domain. A travel portal can deals in thousands of travel packages. There can be millions of pages in travel portal. To manage these pages can seem hard but actually not. Big portals are usually made through CMS and every page is dynamic. Because to develop static page for big dreamed travel portal … Read more

Search Engines

Search engines are like websites where you are facilitated to search anything on Internet by provided search facility. Major search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN). There are two basic types of search engines. Text based search engines and directory based search engines. Text based search engines: These types of search engines perform search on … Read more

Title & Meta Tags

Title and Meta tags are very essential and basic part of search engine optimization. Title should be meaningful and description should be informative. Title and Meta tags pass information of web page to crawler. By title and meta tags, crawler gets to know about web page. Title and meta description should be present on every page … Read more

Method of Keyword Targeting

Right method of keyword targeting is to target each unique keyword on every page. Neither two keywords should be targeted on single page nor should a single keyword be targeted on two different pages. This practice can confuse search engine crawlers while distributing importance with keyword. For example: If your keyword is “Personal Loan”, you can target … Read more

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is process to target keyword on relevant page. Syntax to map keyword is easy and similar to syntax of checking indexing. “Keyword site:yoursitename.com”. This syntax will show some results. Now you need to check those results closely. Only first result is considered appropriate for targeting or mapping keyword. If you think that this … Read more

Internal Linking

Internal linking is part of On Page optimization technique. It helps to get permanent ranking over search engines. You can’t do complete SEO without internal linking. It means connected your all web pages internally with contextual links. While linked internally, you should be very careful. Mind relevance while linking internally. Internal links actually define path … Read more

Forum Posting

Forums are used to discuss queries, problems and issues. Forums are good source to get quality back links as well as reputation and to generate traffic. Through signatures, you can get back links. In forums, you need to keep participating in threads. Active participation is very necessary in forums otherwise your account is closed. You … Read more

Contextual Linking

Contextual linking means getting back link (This is contextual link) from existing content of web page. Contextual linking is always good in both internal linking and external linking case. If you are making links to your web pages within your own website content, it would be internal links. You can create internal links by using … Read more

Command to Check Back Links

You can check backlink in your Google search console. Earlier a syntax was used to identify the backlinks. Believe me this syntax still work at some extent. link:sitename.com Points to be noticed are: There should not be any space between command and website name. The keyword “Link” in the above command should not be started … Read more

Blog Posting

What is blog and benefits of Blog: Blogs are treated as personal websites. It is easy to create a blog. There are several websites on net where free blogs can be created. Blogs are generally used for instant updates. You can publish instant updates of your area, career, subjects, technologies, fields etc to update your followers and … Read more

Article Submission

Importance and guidelines of article submission: Articles are good source to get back links. This process helps in search engine optimization of your websites. You can get good quality and permanent back links by submitting articles in article site. But each article site has its own and different rules for submission. Some article sites provide … Read more

Approx time to index penalty website

After removing the issues and clearning the website, you need to use fetch as a google bot option in your search console. Approx 90 days are taken to get the some of lost ranking. Website is usually penalized by either unethical SEO practice or mistakenly inserted hidden/semi hidden text. Sneaky Javascript redirection may be the … Read more