What is Keyword Proximity?

Keyword proximity refers to closeness of keywords. Your keywords should be close to each other in content of web page. Many people don’t know about keywords. They generally treats key phrases as a keyword. Usually we do not target keyword. For example: This post is related to “Keyword Proximity”. The word “Keyword Proximity” is not a … Read more

What is On Page Optimization

In this process we do Search Engine Optimization by making changes on web pages. Few factors of On Page Optimization Appropriate meta tags and title tag: Meta tags should be meaningful. Title and Meta description pass information of your webpage to search engine. Prominence: Prominence is the most important factor of On Page Optimization. To … Read more

What is Indexing

Pages of your website are indexed by crawler to save in its database. This saving process is called indexing. There may be hundreds of pages in your website. But every page will be indexed, it can’t be assured. To check indexing status we use this command, “site:school4seo.com”. This command is used for even keyword mapping. … Read more

What is Caching

Caching of website is checked by “cache:school4seo.com”. This is used to see cache status of website. Cache status indicate active participation of crawler on your website. If crawler is visiting your website daily and updating its data base with updates occurred on your website, it means your website is being cached frequently. But if you … Read more



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