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Internal Links for SEO

Internal linking means addressing your page. Until you address your page with a relevant keyword internally, you can’t get it ranked on search engines. Internal Links create credibility.

How to Audit and Analyse a Website

Audit and Analysis is the first step to creating the roadmap for search engine optimization. Until you know the issues and requirements, you can’t make a plan. Being an SEO Consultant, you should always evaluate the website before and after SEO processes.

How to be a successful SEO consultant

Being a successful consultant means knowing the optimization of all website elements and factors. The first foremost skill is to keep a vigil on the updates. Follow industry experts on social media, and subscribe to their blogs. You must have technical knowledge to at least some extent. Following are the actions as an SEO Consultant need to perform.

indexifembedded – Tag to use in robots

indexifembedded tag tells search engine that you’d still like your content be indexed when it’s embedded through iframes even when the content page has the noindex tag.

Achieving SEO rankings by following Google Ads data

Organic search and paid ads are often at odds because people pay more heed to the paid traffic coming from Google Ads than the free traffic flowing from organic results.