How to select Best Pay Per Click Advertising Company for your business?

A company can be best when they get you better number of leads at positive ROI and help you increase the profit. Pay Per Click companies not only helps you generate leads but help you to promote your brands too. These companies can create the awareness among your potential users on the basis of their interest and demographic data.

How to Become Specialist – Certifications Name, Detail and Requirement

To become a Google Ads Specialist, you need to have decent experience of running Google ads on various subjects like travel, services, e-commerce etc. You need to pass certifications to maintain your profile. These Google Ads specialist certifications help you get more clients and prove your expertise.

How to Get Free Services from School4Seo

School4Seo offers varieties of services at feasible price. All the services are genuine and trustworthy. You can hire us to manage your Google Ads campaign, Tags installations, Remarketing campaign, Answersheets for Google Exams and you can even hire us to take all your exams to save your time and efforts. Friends with benefits We are … Read more

What is Online Marketing?

Definition: The action of promoting and selling products onto the internet using online marketing channels is called Online Marketing. Online marketing suites to everyone without constraint of budget. This medium requires fewer budgets than conventional marketing channels. In this medium you can measure the ROI immediately and control the distribution according to geographic and demographic … Read more

Marketing Channels and Budget For Start-ups

Hi, I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs questioning about the marketing budget for their product. Defining the budget is really not so easy. It may vary product to product, location to location and on demographic basis. I’ll try to throw the light on every aspect of it. First I’ll explain about the type of marketing. So, … Read more

Google Adwords Test Preparation Guide – Dummy Test

Hi Friends, If you want to become Google Adwords or Analytics Certified professional but don’t have time for thorough study of it’s study material available on Google; Come to us to get the easy solution (It’s not a short cut but a smart way to complete study). Join us to get Quick Prep Guide. We’ll … Read more

Instant Directories

These are instant directories, Where your link can be approved instantly. Instant web directory – Free instant web directory with various categories and subcategories. All listings are reviewed thoroughly to maintain the high quality.

Plus one (+1) Button in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool

Hello, Today Google makes new change that make search algo more transparent. To get your website ranked, you need to put +1 Button on your website. Whenever your button will be clicked, this action will be displayed in Google Analytics as well as in Google Webmaster Tool. In Google analytics tool you can see this … Read more

Google’s social networking website

Hello, Google announce its new social networking and social sharing platform Plus. It has tremendous features: Hangout: Let your friends know that you’re going to hang out and see who drops by for a face-to-face chat with your hangouts. It makes the unplanned meet-up comes to the web possible for the first time. Circule: Create … Read more

Authors biography section in Articles

Authors section in SEO plays great role to make backlinks. In author’s biography you can put maximum two and minimum one link. Sample of Author’s biography: Author Name has been writing on [Your keyword with link back to your website] and [second keyword]. Author has written various articles on this subject and has expertise on … Read more

SEO Support

Hello, I am happy to announce that You are being provided a special support. You can ask any question about SEO, SEM and Google analytics by using our Ask Question form. You can ask for sample SEO reports, SEM reports, Link Building reports and keyword analysis report. My service is not limited to these reports … Read more