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What are the four reasons why creators choose YouTube?


Income, infrastructure, reach, freedom are the four reasons why creators choose YouTube.

  1. Income, infrastructure, community, freedom
  2. Income, infrastructure, reach, creativity
  3. Income, infrastructure, community, creativity
  4. Income, infrastructure, reach, freedom

The correct answer is: Income, infrastructure, reach, freedom

Explanation: The four reasons why creators choose YouTube are as follows: (1) Freedom – YouTube offers content creators the liberty to express themselves, share opinions, and create content on their terms. (2) Reach – With over two billion monthly active users, YouTube provides an extensive audience base for creators to connect with and build a community. (3) Infrastructure – YouTube’s reliable platform continuously scales new innovations, making it easier for creators to access features like YouTube Stories, Premieres, Shorts, and the Community tab. (4) Income – YouTube enables creators to earn a living from their passion, sharing ad revenue with them and paying out billions of dollars to creators, artists, and media companies.


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