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SEO Specialist Certification


After the pandemic businesses are moved from conventional to the digital market. Demand for the business website has increased multifold. But having a website doesn’t ensure your existence on the market in the era of competition. Like we do marketing activities for our conventional businesses, the same approach of marketing with digital transformation is required for web-based businesses.

The current demand of qualified SEO professionals

The market demand for qualified SEO professionals is soaring day by day. Hiring an experienced, qualified and competent professional is not an easy task. Even the employers don’t have enough resources to assess the true knowledge of any employee before hiring and this ended up hiring the wrong candidate.

SEO Certification Test

It is always recommended to hire someone having decent experience in Search engine Optimization. There is a certification that you can consider adding to your profile. The test itself is a learning guide. With every attempt, you are shown the correct answer with an explanation. That helps you keep remembering the knowledge points of search engine optimization.

How to get SEO certification

There are two types of SEO certification exams.

  • SEO – Certification Exam Level 1: 60% score is required to qualify and get the award certificate
  • SEO – Advance Level Exam: 80% score is required to qualify and get the award certificate

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Limits of Attempts

There is no limit to attempts. Because we believe in making certification simple. Our goal is to create more qualified professionals. If you couldn’t pass the exam on the first attempt, you can take the second attempt right after and pass the exam.

Acceptance of this certification

School4Seo is a well-known website among digital marketing companies. But the value of the award certificate is created when you can answer correctly in your interview. Our certifications help you to get ready for the questions that can be asked in the interview. The same certifications are being used by SEO companies to assess the knowledge of their employees.

Certification Formats

This is what our certifications look like.


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