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Google Adsense Revenue Down – Check the following metrics to understand the reason

If you are facing a downfall in your Adsense revenue, this is how you can identify the real cause of decrement.

Check the following 5 points:

  1. Compare the impression number with previous time: If your numbers are less than the previous time, check the reasons of it. It may be due to seasonal changes or the change in the search trend.
  2. Compare the click numbers with previous time: If the click numbers are less, it means the ads are not relevant or visitor coming to your website have some urgency. They want to focus on content and don’t want to distract with ads.
  3. Check the traffic in analytics: If you are seeing the traffic issue, you really need to have some updated content and some strategies to get your website ranked.
  4. Check the plugins: Some plugins stop or delay JavaScripts code to execute. If the JS code will not be executed, your ads won’t be shown. Generally Cache plugins cause such problem. Wrongly minifying and combining JS files may cause the loss in adsense revenue.
  5. Page optimization plugins may cause the adsense revenue down. Before using any plugin, please confirm the compatibility of plugin with hosting server.

If you still have a problem, please let me know. I shall try to provide a possible solution.

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