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SEO Friendly

SEO-friendly means your website is completely eligible to get ranked in search engines and at a higher position. Through On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization, we make our site SEO friendly. To make the website SEO-friendly, some factors are considered:

  • Page load time should be lower. The page should open instantly as it is clicked.
  • There should not be junk code on the web pages. Code which is useless is called junk code. It should be deleted from the web page.
  • The navigation structure should be clean. All pages should be linked internally with each other.
  • Relevant Title and Meta tags should be written on the web page.
  • Crawler should not be restricted by either robots.txt file or robot meta tag.
  • There should not be any 404 (Not found) errors.
  • Content should be updated and well written with expert knowledge and references. If the content is a year old and there is no significant update found in an article or on the website, your content may be de-listed. It will not show in the Google search results.
  • External links from more and more trusted and relevant websites make your website SEO friendly.
  • URL structures should be defined correctly. There should not be too many levels in the URL. If URL is dynamic, you can get the URLs re-written so humans can read and understand easily the page, the URL is associated with.

We will learn about the levels with this example.

  • In this URL the category /shirt/ is an example of level.
  • In this URL the categories /shirt/ and /cotton/ will be considered as level.
  • In this URL we have 5 levels. Having levels is not a problem but having too many levels in the URL won’t give any additional advantage. We have experienced precise URLs ranking higher than the ones having many levels.

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