SEO Friendly

SEO friendly means your website is completely eligible to get ranked in search engine and at higher position. By On Page optimization and Off Page optimization we make our site SEO friendly. To make website SEO friendly, some factors are considered:

  • Page load time should be lower. Page should openup instantly as it is clicked.
  • There should not be junk code in web page. Code which is useless is called junk code. It should be deleted from web page.
  • Navigation structure should be clean. All pages should be linked internally with each other.
  • Relevant Title and Meta tags should be written in web page.
  • Crawler should not be restricted by either robots.txt file or robots meta tag.
  • There should not be any 404 (Not found) errors.
  • Keywords Prominence, Occurrence, Significance and Proximity should be appropriate.
  • URL structures should be clearly defined and there should not be more than three levels in URL. If URL is dynamic, you can use URL re-writing technique to make URLs SEO friendly.
  • External links from more and more trusted and relevant websites make your websites SEO friendly.

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