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Mastering Google Ads: A Beginner’s Guide to Optimization Score

Unlock the potential of your Google Ads campaigns with our comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the Optimization Score. This beginner-friendly guide offers key insights, actionable recommendations, and answers to common queries, empowering you to maximize your campaign’s performance effectively


Mastering the Marketing Mix Model: Driving ROI through Strategic Analysis

“Explore our comprehensive guide on mastering the Marketing Mix Model (MMM) for strategic analysis. Understand how MMM can optimize your ROI across different media channels and empower your business decision-making. Ideal for companies focusing on offline marketing or operating through physical stores.”


Unlocking the Power of View-Through Conversions: Maximizing your Google Ads ROI

Delve into the nuanced world of view-through conversions with our in-depth guide. Learn what they are, how they impact your Google Ads campaigns, and why they’re a critical part of your digital marketing strategy. A must-read for any marketer aiming to maximize their ad ROI.


Optimizing Your Site-wide Tagging with Google: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into our comprehensive guide to optimize your sitewide tagging with Google. Learn how to ensure accurate conversion measurement and enhance your website’s performance. Stay on top of digital marketing with our expert insights and tips.


Google Tag Manager: Your Comprehensive Guide to Effective Tag Management

management. Learn how GTM streamlines digital marketing strategies and optimizes your website’s performance. Unlock insights to enhance user experiences and drive traffic with our expert guide. Master the power of Google’s tag management today.


Boosting Conversions with Enhanced Conversions: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to boost conversions and optimize your bidding with enhanced conversions. This comprehensive guide explores the power of enhanced conversions, including the use of hashed first-party data, to accurately measure and attribute conversions. Discover the benefits of this privacy-safe approach, set up enhanced conversions for web and leads, and gain valuable insights to improve your campaign performance. Enhance your website’s ranking and unlock the potential of enhanced conversions for better conversion tracking and bidding optimization.


Maximize Your Advertising ROI with Google’s Performance Planner

Maximize Your Advertising ROI with Google’s Performance Planner – Discover the power of Google’s Performance Planner, a powerful tool designed to optimize your advertising budget and improve campaign performance. Learn how to harness data-driven forecasts, meet eligibility requirements, and effectively create, manage, and implement your advertising plans to achieve better results. Unlock your advertising potential with this comprehensive guide on leveraging Performance Planner for your campaigns.


What is the performance target? How can we set it?

“Performance target” is just a target for the number of conversions, total spend, or cost per acquisition. It can be set when creating your campaign.


What are the non-last-click attributions?

Other than the last-click attribution are called non-last-click attributions. These can be First click, Linear, Time Decay, Position Based and Data Driven