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How to maintain 50% eligible users’ condition to maintain and save Google Partner Badge?

Let’s say you have 4 employees and 20 clients linked in your Google Ads manager account. The total number is (4 + 20) 24. So you need at least 12 users Google ads certified.

Formula to calculate the number of dummy accounts required to maintain your Google Partner Badge:

FORMULA 1: (E+C)/2 = D
FORMULA 2: (E+C)*50% = D
(E) employees (Genuine Users with Eligibility)(C) clients (Genuine Users w/o Eligibility)(D) dummy (Just have eligibility with no existence)
Example table to calculate required dummy users for Google Ads Certification Exams

You can download the excel-based calculator to know the number of accounts required to maintain your Google Partner badge.

Your 4 accounts would surely be certified and counted eligible. So here is the trick. Make 20 more dummy accounts, link with Google Ads manager account. Do all the necessary Google Ads certifications from those accounts. So, the total number will be (Employees 4+ Clients 20+ Dummy 20) 44. Now you need only 22 users certified but you have 24. This number is 2 more than the eligible number.

These dummy accounts can be reused if existing clients exit and new clients come. Don't worry about having excess dummy account. These are your ASSETS.

This is like having 1 certified user account for a single client. What if your client leaves you after a few months? Then you have a certified dummy account. That can be used to cover another client.

Google partner badge take 48 hrs to update.

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