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SEO Advance Level Exam – Get Award Certificate on Successfully Completion


You need to score at least 60% to pass and get an award.

SEO – Advance Level Exam

Assess your truly advanced level  SEO skills.

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1. which is the Google tool that help to analyze day-to-day traffic?

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2. What is the meta tag that stops google to read aloud your page?

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3. What is the sitemap format recommended by search engines?

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4. Which content has more weightage?

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5. What are the meta tags that are considered by google? (Select two correct options)

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6. Which google tool does help you analyze the dimension and metrics?

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7. How will you check the number of indexed pages of your competitor’s website?

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8. What is the black hat SEO technique?

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9. What is the canonical issue?

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10. What does passage indexing means?

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11. If you’ve restructured your site, use _________ in your .htaccess file

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12. When it comes to the ranking factors, which one is more important, user timing (user’s spending time on the site) or page timing (time to load the page)?

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13. Why is it important to have a cache plugin on your WordPress website?

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14. How to optimize Google My Business Listing?

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15. Your client is going to start an e-commerce website. What would you suggest he do on the development side for an early optimization of structure?

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16. What are the boilerplate links?

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17. What is the importance of backlinks?

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18. What method is used in the permanent redirection?

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19. Keyword stuffing is_____

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20. What if manual action has been taken against your website, what will you do first?

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21. Website speed is not an important ranking factor.

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22. True or False? Correct internal linking structure and good content can get your website ranked in a short period of time.

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23. Alt tag should not be assigned with the images. It passes the image information in case of the image is not loaded.

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24. You have a product page and that is ranking fine in search engine. You notice that even after having a good rank on the result page, you are not getting enough conversions. A colleague from your team suggests you change the headline content. After the change, you see the difference in the number of conversions. Do you think that changing the content can put this much impact?

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25. Why is the audit of backlinks to your website is important?

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