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SEO Advance Level Exam – Get Award Certificate on Successfully Completion


You need to score at least 60% to pass and get the award certificate.
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SEO – Advance Level Exam

Assess your truly advanced level  SEO skills.

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1. Which of these activities is not recommended to create backlinks?

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2. As per Google’s guideline, which is the correct, informative, and optimized URL structure?

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3. What does passage indexing means?

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4. What does CTA stand for?

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5. Where is the sitemap.xml submitted?

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6. How to qualify your outbond links to google?

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7. What is the bounce rate?

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8. Your competitor’s finance website is just a few months old. But it ranks in quite a better position than yours. What could be the possible reason? (Choose two reasons)

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9. What is the link scheme?

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10. What is On-page SEO?

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11. Why is the audit of backlinks to your website is important?

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12. What method is used in the permanent redirection?

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13. What are the benefits of using CDN?

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14. You have a product page and that is ranking fine in search engine. You notice that even after having a good rank on the result page, you are not getting enough conversions. A colleague from your team suggests you change the headline content. After the change, you see the difference in the number of conversions. Do you think that changing the content can put this much impact?

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15. What is the sitemap format recommended by search engines?

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16. What are the two ways of optimization?

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17. Which tool does help you identify the coverage issues?

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18. What to do in case of manual action against your website? (Select two correct options)

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19. How can you change your website’s search appearance on the result page?

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20. Alt tag should not be assigned with the images. It passes the image information in case of the image is not loaded.

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21. What is the meta tag that stops google to read aloud your page?

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22. Why is it important to have a cache plugin on your WordPress website?

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23. What is the black hat SEO technique?

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24. Your client has given you an absolutely new website. You are supposed to add tracking codes, verification codes, remarketing, and other tags. Adding these tags will surely affect your page speed. How will you counter this issue?

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25. In technical SEO, what should be considered? (Select three correct answers)

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