Assess the SEO skills with Online Certification Exams

A shortcut to assess the skills of SEO is to give them on online questionnaire. School4Seo is the platform that you can use for conducting the online exam. School4Seo’s Basic and Advanced level exam help you identify the most suitable guy and build the most updated and robust team for the SEO jobs.

Advantages of Online SEO Exams

  • Clean interface with timer: The interface is absolutely clean. There is no ad shown on any side of the exam. You can decide the time of completion the exam. Timer is shown on the right upper side so that candidate can keep eye on the deadline.
  • Private assessment: We can make a private assessment with questions given by you. You can get your own questions added in the system.
  • Cut short the process of hiring: Generally, you have to find the updated questions and pen-down on paper. The online assessment helps you save that time. As soon as the candidate complete the exam, you get the score on your email. You can shortlist the candidate and schedule for the interview without involving yourself in the process.
  • Questions with current relevance: This is not easy to find the updated questions. Most of the questions papers are dumped and irrelevant to the current date. We keep on adding latest, relevant questions in our question bank and remove the irrelevant.
  • Comply with industry standard: All the questions are added after verifying from official knowledge base. We follow Google’s official blogs, SE Journal blogs, Moz, Neil Patel’s blog, Matt Cutts and John Mueller to get our questions. Questions from random bloggers, irrelevant sources and black-hat forums are not added.

How to start with Online Exam Service

For Candidates

You can simply visit the exam page and start the exam. Certification of award is also given if you pass the exam and score more than 60% and 80% in Basic and Advance level exams respectively. Ads are placed on the exam page. This is a freemium service.

For Companies and Agencies

Exams are created separately for companies and agencies. We shall create a dedicated pages for the exams. There will not be any ad on the page. Your email id is added in the exam system so that you can receive the score on your email id. Kindly contact us for the service.

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