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Complete SEO Tutorial with Exam and Award Certificate


Here is the complete guide to learning Search Engine Optimization. After every chapter, you are supposed to complete a short assessment, so that you can know the knowledge you have earned during the study.

What is Search Engine Optimization And How to Do It?

Learn how to Audit and Analyse a Website

Learn about indexing

Learn about caching

What is an Anchor text?

On-page Optimization

  • SEO Friendly URL Structure: URL structure gives an idea about the content to the crawler and users. Even Google has recommended following some guidelines to make an easy and meaningful structure.
  • Title & Meta Tags: Title and other meta tags like description, alt, HTML tags etc provide detail about the content of the page to the search engines.
  • Keyword Mapping: Mapping the keyword means setting or assigning the keyword to the page.
  • Internal Links for SEO: Internal links help you map relevant keywords to the page. Internally linked websites are ranked higher and quickly on search engines.
  • What is Keyword Prominence?: Placing the keyword in prominent places like near the HTML tags defines keyword prominence.
  • What is Keyword Proximity?: Mentioning a keyword and context with proximity defines the keyword proximity.
  • What is Keyword Stuffing?: Using excessive keywords in the content is called keyword stuffing. We should not write keyword-stuffed content.

Off-page Optimization

  • What Are Back Links?: The links from other websites to your website are called backlinks. These are placed on other websites and when clicked, your website is open.
  • How to make Backlinks for better SEO: Creating backlinks is as important for the SEO ranking as good keyword-rich content. Backlinks give strength to your website to get a higher position in search engines.
  • Article Submission: This activity comes under discouraged practice. But you should know how people post articles.
  • Blog Posting: Blogs are good to generate traffic. But posting monotonous, poor-quality content won’t do any good to increase your ranking.
  • What is Directory Submission?: This activity comes under discouraged practice. But you should know how people submit posts in directories.
  • Guest Blogging Strategy – Best Practice: These best practices will help you increase your presence widely. More mentions about your website will bring a higher ranking.

What is SEO Friendliness?

Learn about the factors that make your website SEO friendly.

How to write SEO-friendly content?

Content is the nectar. Without quality content, you can’t get your website ranked. The article will help you learn about the aspects of writing the content.

Alt Attribute – To Describe Visuals

You can describe images, lines and areas with this tag.

Image Optimization Techniques

How to Optimize Video Content

Canonicalization -A Way to Handle Duplicate content

Jump Link – Jump within the page using a link – It helps in SEO

About Featured Snippets

How to Improve User Experience?

How to Reduce Bounce Rate?


How to let crawlers know about the updates done on your website?

Impact of Pop-up and interstitials dialogues on SEO

Google Search Operators

Google Sandbox Effect – Truth and Myth

Certification Exam – Coming Soon

There are 50 questions. To pass this exam, you need to score at least 60%. Duration is 60 minutes.


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