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Jump Link – Jump Within the Page Using Link – It Helps in SEO


Jump Links help you to go to the specific section of the page. A correct example of Jump Link is the Index section. When you click on any title in the index, you are moved to that specific section of the content.

Benefits of Jump Link

It enhances the usability of the web page. Users can go directly to the choice of a section without going through the whole content.

Jump links with a combination of heading and high-quality content may get your website ranked better in search engines.

How to implement Jump Link

Following are the steps to implement Jump Link:

Implement Jump Link on the General Web Page (without any CMS)

  • Define the piece of content by <a id>
  • Create hyperlink with # and id defined earlier

Example of Creating Jump Link on General Web Page

//Define it later//
<a href="#Link-to-Content">Click here and jump to the relevant content</a>

//Define this first//
<a id="Link-to-Content">This is the piece of content I want to show when someone click on the link within page.</a>

Implement Jump Link on the CMS Based Web Page (WordPress)

  • Click on the Paragraph >> Go to Block >> Click on “Advanced”. In the HTML anchor, define the content by mentioning the WORD
  • Select the word or sentence you want to link the content to. >> Click on link >> #WORD

This is how you can implement the jump links. You can even hire me to implement the jump link in your content.


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