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How to make Back links for better SEO

  1. Ways to make Good Backlinks
  2. Blog posting on the external website
  3. Guest posting
  4. What to link?
  5. Are links really considered?
  6. What are the Quality links?
  7. Do Follow, No Follow and Sponsored Links

Creating backlinks is as important for the SEO ranking as good keyword-rich content. Backlinks give strength to your website to get a higher position in search engines. But people don’t know how to make it.

There are only 2 ways to make good backlinks.

  1. Blog posting on external websites or owned by you only.
  2. Guest posting

Blog posting on the external website

In this practice of posting blogs on the external website, you create blogs on another platform like Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, etc, and post your content there and get backlinks from those websites. Some people purchase domains and install WordPress. Those WordPress sites are then used to post content. But Google knows about it and you are less likely to get heavy benefits.

Guest posting

Guest posting is the only way to get perfect links with great results. You explore the relevant website on the internet and share your well-written content with them. In the last paragraph of the article, you mention your website link with relevant anchor text. Some websites will allow you to post links with anchor text and some will ask you to mention your domain name with a hyperlink. Don’t worry both works.

Please see guest posting best practice

Always try to build links for internal pages instead of home pages. Keyword mapping is important before starting this link-building practice. If your guest post publisher is not allowing you to use anchor text and asking you to mention your domain name, you can use the URL of your website with hyperlinks.

Yes, links are considered by Google. If Google had not considered it why would it be shown in the console?

Getting links from relevant websites are called quality links. The subject or content theme of the website must not be different from your website. Or there must be some similar subject content.

The website must not be penalized by a search engine.

Always try to get do-follow links. These links are highly recommended. But if you are getting “no follow” links that too would work. You need not pay anything for “no follow” and “sponsored” links. But if you are doing guest posting and the publisher asking for something in return, always get do-follow backlinks. By default, all links are considered “do follow”. But to differentiate, “no follow” and “sponsored” are added to the link.

Sponsored are considered no-follow links. You get fewer benefits from such links. If a blogger is writing about you with your affiliate link, they will mention “rel=sponsored” while giving a link back to your website. You need not pay for these links

If a blogger is writing about your services and product without your approaching them then, in maximum chances you get “rel=no follow” links.


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