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How to Improve User Experience

In 2022, User Experience is the prime factor in deciding the rank on the search result page. If your user is not happy with your page, your search ranking will keep dwelling. To improve your user’s experience you need to do the following things:

The page should be loaded instantly.

You can use a good hosting plan to improve. Use cloud hosting and CDN (Content Delivery Network) to show your media and load script files faster.

Relevant content

When the user comes to your page searching for a query, show them the relevant content. Understand their intent and serve them the specific content to fulfil their need.

Clear Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action helps users to take the next step on the page. This can be “Click Here”, “Sign-Up”, “Purchase” or anything that helps you generate leads.

Clear Navigation

You must have clear navigation on the page so that your website visitor can move freely. Clear navigation and call-to-action certainly optimize the bounce rate of the website.

No Pop-ups and interstitial ads

Try not to use pop-up and interstitial ads. These elements just kill the user experience. Increased bounce rate is an indicator of it.


User experience can start before coming to your webpage. It means when a user just searches for something and finds your link on the search result page, the experience is started. If you have schema implemented on your website, there are more chances to come to your website attracted by the rich snippets.

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