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Article Submission


Articles used to be good sources to get backlinks. But now it comes under the discouraged practice. This process won’t help anymore in the search engine optimization of your websites. You can’t get good quality backlinks by submitting articles on the article site. Each article site has its own different rules for submission. Most of the websites have been discontinued.

Article Websites

The list of article websites is huge. I am mentioning a few of them just for information purposes. So that you can try on these sites to learn how the articles are submitted. But none of them may be useful to get your website ranking higher permanently.

Many such websites are simply ignored by the crawlers. You can use search operators like and to know if such websites are even being indexed and crawled. I do not recommend being involved in such practices.

Submit on the websites that actually send the traffic

There are some really good websites that help you get more relevant traffic. Links from these websites bring more value than article websites.

Post your valuable content on Linkedin. You will surely get the best quality leads from the relevant audience.

Should you really check Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) numbers?

The quick answer is NO. Many consultants suggest checking DA and DR before posting your article. As per my experience, these numbers are not the quality parameters and don’t define the value of a website. There are several spam sites that have higher DA and DR but their content doesn’t rale at all. These DA and DR are calculated on the basis of the number of backlinks. Google always emphasise having quality content and usability.

I am trying to cover all the details. If you find something missing, please suggest me the changes in the comment section.


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