How to write SEO friendly content?

Content written in simple and easy language ranks better in search engine. Use spend more time reading easy content whereas difficult words are skipped most of the time without understanding the meaning. I am sharing some secret tips that nobody will tell you. Very few people know about the ranking factors of content. Most of the time you listen about keyword density and natural writing style.

To make your content SEO friendly, you should keep the content ranking factors in mind.

There are 3 main content ranking factors

  1. Keyword prominence
  2. Keyword proximity
  3. Keyword density

Definition of Keyword prominence

Keeping your keywords close to HTML tags is practiced under keyword prominence.

For example: This article is being written about writing style of SEO friendly content. In the first line of article, where the first paragraph starts, we have covered all keywords like “Content”, “written (For write)”, “Friendly” (For Better), “Search engine (For SEO)”. How prominently you are using your targeted keywords in paragraphs is matter a lot.

Some of the common HTML tags are <h1>…<h5>, <p>, <br>, <em>, <strong>. Keep your targeted keywords close to these tags. It creates weightage for the keyword.

Definition of Keyword Proximity

Distance between the use case of keywords in the content is called keywords proximity. This is another SEO ranking factor.

For example: See the Targeted keywords in first and second paragraph.  The distance between the use case of keywords must be maintained. The second use of keyword should not be too close that it seem like keyword stuffing and not too far that weightage loss in between.

Write your content in natural language. Don’t hesitate to use demonstrative pronoun. Google understands what you are trying to convey through that. Using your keyword excessively in the content may lead your webpage loose the ranking.

Third, most hyped content ranking factor is Keyword density. Not even a single interview for the SEO position is ended without asking about it. This is overstated term.

Definition of Keyword density

Percent of keyword usages in the content is called keyword density percent.

Most of SEO experts and Some ultracrepidarians think it should be 1% to 2 %. But I always emphasize on using natural language. This article is to tell you about writing technique of SEO friendly content. Did you see anywhere that the keywords are being used over and over again. But there must be reputation of keywords with changes in order. And this is natural. That’s why it is accepted by Search Engine.

How to measure of the article is good or not for getting ranking on top?

Check, how much time a user is spending on reading. How much your content is making them stick to the page pursuing for next paragraph. Writing content in small paragraph increase the readability. Content with highest readability is preferred while deciding the search ranking.

Try to write your content with bullet point. I was not able to write in that, that’s why I chose to write my content in small paragraphs. There are tools that can help you in writing great content. You can check it here.

This is what I learned from my 12 years of experience. There might be more technical terms but trust me, if you are on this page, it’s because of its ranking that I earned through my writing style.

I hop this article will help you writing the content as well as getting it ranked on search engine.

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