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Internal Links for SEO

I give more weightage to Internal links than the backlinks from other websites. Internal linking means addressing your page. Until you address your page with a relevant keyword internally, you can’t get it ranked on search engines. Internal Links create credibility.

While linked internally, you should be very careful. Mind relevance while linking internally. Internal links actually define the path and let search engine crawlers know, what keyword should be targeted to get the web page ranked.

How to Build Internal Links for SEO

Decide the name of your page. This name will be the keyword that you want to get ranked on the search engine to show that page. Wherever you repeat that keyword (Name), hyperlink it to the respective page. The syntax is the same as we use to hyperlink.

//Sytaxt for hyper link//

<a href="">Example Keyword</a>

But I suggest to use title tag with above mentioned sytaxt. I have experienced more weightage to such link.


// Hyperlink with title tag//

<a href="" title="About the Example Keyword">Example Keyword</a>

Internal Link errors

Generally, we encounter 404 errors if the URL doesn’t exist or is deleted for any reason. The other issue may be redirection delay. It happens when you hyperlink with HTTP and later migrate to HTTPS. You need to change it in your hyperlink too. Otherwise, it may cause errors related to loading the page. Fix the broken links on the priority

Internal Link Best practice

Following are the best practices when you create internal links.

  • Keep your keyword relevant.
  • Always check 404 and other errors in the search console
  • Do not change the page URL once promoted through the group of certain keywords.

How to find and fix broken internal links

Broken Internal links can be found in your Google Search Console. Fix the broken link on your website first and then, in the search console click on “Fixed”. So that console update the dashboard and you get the correct detail of your website.

Analysis of Internal Links

Detailed analysis of your internal links is available in the Search Console.

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