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Alt Tag – A tag to describe the visuals

The alt tag is used to describe the visual elements of the page. It can be an image, area, or just a single content separator line. When an element is not loaded, the alt tag helps to deliver the information about that unloaded element.

It is recommended to use this Alt tag primarily for images and not for the content separator line. If you really want to use it there, use alt=” “.

if the image is used to create bullets in a list, a horizontal line, or other similar decoration, it is fine to have an empty alt attribute (e.g., alt=""), but it is better to use things like list-style-image in CSS

Source: W3 Alt Atrribute

Generally, we use text in an alt tag that fulfils the same function as the image. The content of this tag should be written precisely. Use relevant keywords so that they can help in the optimization and increase the ranking.

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