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LiteSpeed Plugin – Ideal Setting – Applied on My Website


LightSpeed Plugin is a cache plugin. This is the choice of more than 3 million websites worldwide. It helps to increase the performance of your website and improve the Core Web Vitals.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Helps to Get Better Rank

This plugin helps to to improve your entire website’s page loading speed. This plugin can help you:

  • Reduce the unused javascript (JS) and CSS
  • Minify and Combining JS and CSS
  • Improve performance causing a lower FID (First Input Delay)
  • Minify HTML Tags
  • Image optimization
  • To optimize the database by cleaning it
  • To reduce the total blocking time
  • Serve the cached version of your webpage to the user. It improve the loading time.

Plugin Setting I use on

In page optimization, I just use the setting to combine inline and external CSS. Other than this, I use “Load JS Deferred = Delayed”. I do not minify HTML, JS, and CSS. Minifying these files doesn’t help me much instead reduces the PageSpeed score. You can check the PageSpeed score from the official website

Where to get this plugin from?

Here is the link to get the plugin. I personally use the free plugin and this is enough for my website. But if you want to have some additional and advanced features, you can buy the plugin.

Other Services from LiteSpeed

It gives you a robust hosting solution for your website. You can check the services from here. The link that is mentioned below is an affiliate link and I shall get a certain percentage of commission if you buy anything.

LiteSpeed Website

You can use the Coupon Code NEWUSER10 to get the additional 10% discount on the purchase.

I hope this article will help you set up the Litespeed for your website. Your suggestions are welcome.

PageSpeed of this Article after using the LiteSpeed plugin.

PageSpeed Score After LiteSpeed Plugin

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