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How to choose SEO firm for your project

Selecting SEO firm to get your project optimized is quite crucial. Everybody is promoting their SEO company as a best in the area. You will see people stuffing such keywords in title and meta description. They can optimize their website by hook & crook but this is not a permanent solution. I personally recommend to hire an in-house SEOs instead of hiring a company. But the problems of limited space and lack of knowledge make start-ups and new ventures out-source this part of marketing.

What to check:

  • Check if they have proper knowledge of your domain/industry
  • Check their previous experience and see if they have already done in your industry.
  • Interview personally the person who is going to work for you.
  • Chuck him off if somebody says that they will do Directory submission, link building, and blog posting. They are making you fool.

Your responsibilities:

  • Share your ideas of marketing and content. Because you know better about your business.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Don’t be cynical. I have seen over smart people being fool easily. Learn carefully and have trust on your team. Your in-house SEO can be far better than the guy writing about SEOs.
  • Make a list of activities they are promising to do. You must assess the time, your SEO guy is taking for the activities.
  • Hiring SEO is equal to visiting the doctor. There must be some space for second opinion. Remember, second opinion may be wrong. Second opinion must only be taken to check if your seo guy is something missing or out of the ideas.

You must know all the SEO techniques. Educate yourself to hire a good firm. See the SEO best practices for 2019.


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