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How to Create Backlinks – Best Practice Guide


Links are important to get the website ranked. But this is not the only thing to do in SEO. Even Google states that it uses backlinks to determine the reputation of the website.

Google and most other search engines use links to determine reputation. A site’s ranking in Google search results is partly based on analysis of those sites that link to it.

Source: Google’s Article on Paid Link

But we have not understood it correctly. We end up this link-building practice by making it spam. Link is of course important but not the spammy links. Google clearly states that buying and selling links are not acceptable.

First of all, understand two things.

  1. The number of links doesn’t matter. It’s good to have just 1 link which gives you even a single visitor in a month, compared to the 100 links that don’t get many visitors since the creation of the article.
  2. Google can identify the natural links. Unnatural links only get your website in trouble sooner or later.
  • Write something shareable so that your visitors or followers can share it on their profiles and websites.
  • Insights are always loved. Insights create more backlinks flawlessly compared to general articles.
  • Tell the uniqueness of your product or service so that it can be spread.
  • If somebody has written about a product or service, help them edit the article in a meaningful manner. There you can get a link posted in a descriptive sentence rather than in a specific anchor text. Don’t run after the specific anchor-based link.
  • Ask bloggers and followers to analyse your service and products. Ask them to write about it if your product or website is found compelling. Ask them to write genuinely.

My experience

I created content absolutely unique to the industry. Such type of content was never published. After my work, people started writing about that things. One (Just One) in ten thousand gave me a backlink. The website that give me a backlink was not so authoritative. But that link was counted.

Understand the mechanism behind the backlinks. Artificial backlinks, backlinks from irrelevant content and website, and backlinks without the context of articles are NOT treated as a natural links.

  • You can’t buy the backlinks
  • you can’t offer anything to write about your product or website and link you back from the content.
  • you can’t publish the article about your website on several article websites with specific anchor text links.
  • Directory submission/Link Schemes
  • Bulk blog posting with monotonous and thin content
  • You can’t exchange links for any goods, services or even links.
  • You can’t ask for sharing links as a part of the contract and T&C.
  • You can’t inject links on the website of the other party, who is using your web tool.

What happens if you break the rule

Initially, you will lose your ranking and then the website will be de-indexed if you don’t adhere to google’s website guidelines.

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