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Most Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques for 2019

This year, these are the techniques that will be helpful to get your website ranked in search engines. You just need not to focus on building links, stuffing keywords in meta tags, using meta keyword tag and stuffing keywords in your content too much to optimize your website.

I am telling you tips to improve your website ranking using ethical techniques.

Where to focus most:

  • Title and Meta Description will always be important. Keep it relevant and informative.
  • Internal linking is important practice to tell Google which is the keyword you are targeting and associating with the respective content.
  • Keep posting relevant content on the blog section of website. Your website updates frequently by posting content.

Improve as much as you can:

  • Avg Document Content Loaded Time
  • Pages per sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Avg Session Duration
  • Avg. Document Interactive Time
  • Image size of your web page

From Technical point of view:

  • Avg Domain Lookup Time:
  • Avg Page Load Time
  • Avg. Redirection Time (if you are using any redirect on pages)
  • Avg. Server respond time
  • Avg Server Connection time

Some more:

  • No 404 error should be on your website. If you see any external link targeting 404 page, get that issue resolved by contacting the webmaster of that external website or redirect that url to relevant one.
  • Check your webmaster console and get all the issues resolved mentioning there.

I wish this 2019 will bring you more revenue, more customers, better ranking and stability in your job. (only if your boss is not an hole of ass.)

You can contact me for any problem: n [at]

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