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Sponsored Tag – A Misunderstood Tag with Myth and Doubts


What is a sponsored link?

A hyperlink that is tagged with rel=sponsored is called sponsored link.

Does sponsored means paid?

Yes, if you have tagged your link with rel=sponsored tag, it means there is a monetary purpose behind getting this content published.

Are sponsored links good for SEO?

Yes, Sponsored links are good for SEO if tagged with “rel=sponsored”. Google emphasize using this tag if you are dealing with paid content.

The “sponsored tag” was introduced to mark links that are advertisements or paid placements (commonly called paid links) with the sponsored value.

Does Google prohibit buying and selling links?

Yes. That’s why the sponsored tag was introduced. If you are buying or selling links, you must mention such links with a rel=sponsored tag. This tag won’t get your website penalized.

Can rel=sponsored tagged link get your website to lose ranking?

No. It saves your website from any circumstance where your website may lose its ranking due to unnatural links.

Proof of the legitimacy of the “Sponsored tag”

See the reference from Google’s article on outbound link tags.

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