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indexifembedded – Tag to use in robots

indexifembedded tag tells the search engine that you’d still like your content to be indexed when it’s embedded through iframes even when the content page has the noindex tag.

Google is allowed to index the content of a page if it’s embedded in another page through iframes or similar HTML tags, in spite of a noindex directive.

Source: indexifembedded definition

Simple explanation of indexifembedded tag

For example, let’s suppose you (Mr. A) have an article, published on Then Mr. B use the page link ( and embed in his webpage “”. Mr. B put noindex on his webpage (”) to stop from being indexed.

Earlier, when the noindex tag was used, the tag also prevented the embedded content to be indexed. But now, you (Mr. A) can ask or request Mr. B to use this indexifembedded tag. So that your article content (that is embedded) cannot be prevented from being indexed.

How does indexifembedded tag works?

indexifembedded only has an effect if it’s accompanied by noindex.

How to write indexifembedded tag?

<meta name="googlebot" value="noindex" />
<meta name="googlebot" value="indexifembedded" />
<!-- OR -->
<meta name="googlebot" value="noindex,indexifembedded" />

You can read more on the post about indexifembedded tags on Google’s official blog.

This is what I could understand with Google’s official post. I welcome suggestions and more insights about this tag from the readers of my blog. You can share your knowledge in the comment section.

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