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Which set of words outlines the key principles of Google’s ABCDs of effective creative?

Attention, branding, connection and direction are the key principles of Google’s ABCDs of effective creative.

  • Attraction, Branding, Connection, Direction
  • Attention, Branding, Connection, Direction
  • Audience, Branding, Creativity, Direction
  • Attention, Branding, Creativity, Direction

The correct answer is: Attention, Branding, Connection, Direction.

The key elements of Google’s ABCDs of effective creative are:

  • Attention – Pump up the volume. Audio is your superpower for getting people to pay attention. Embrace elements like voice-over, music, and sound effects to amplify your on-screen messaging.
  • Branding – Put your brand front and centre. Incorporate multiple branding opportunities to get noticed and be remembered. Frequency plus variety is key.
  • Connection – Make people core to your story. Featuring people in your story lends emotional context to scenes and creates connection quickly. Showing people using your product is one proven way to demonstrate its benefits.
  • Direction – Encourage consumers to take action.

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