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Strategy of Successful SEO


Success of SEO lies on strategy. Successful SEO strategy can boost up your traffic where as unplanned work can convert your profit in loss. AT the end you would be empty handed if your strategy is poor and baseless. Strategy should not be made on guess. It should be well designed by all significant analysis. Steps are:

Domain Name: Very First step of making SEO strategy is to choose domain name. If you are brand conscious, you can choose any domain but it may take bit higher time rather than SEO friendly/Keyword based domain. Domain Name plays great role in sucess of SEO. Few years ago, TLDs mattered. But right now any TLD can be ranked because ranking is now depends on your website’s structure and content. In India (On I can see .jp domain ranking on various keywords.

In second step you should take care of URL structure and Loading time of website.

Page load time should be lesser than your competitors. You can use Google’s PageSpeed and Yahoo’s YSlow browser plugin to analyze page load time and issues. These plugins suggest minimize javascript files and organize css files. While loading webpage, junk code should not be generated on execution. Unused css and javascript file should be deleted. Multiple levels and dynamic URLs should be avoided while developing website. You should follow optimized URL structures.

Third step is to analyze your keywords to be targeted and analysis of your competitors.

Keyword research is first and foremost task to initiate SEO process. Search your potential keywords and target in your content without thinking their hotness and coldness. It is suggested that we ahould not target hot keywords as these keywords are difficult to get ranked. But it is also a fact that these only keywords make your SEO process successful. And for competitor analysis, you need to know what they are doing in SEO. Follow them by using “Google Alert”. Place your website where they are placing their own. Do what every they do best for their website but don’t repeate their mistake in your website. You need to just one step ahead to beat them on Internet. Do not forget your users comfort.

Fourth step is defining and organizing SEO activities.

Set onpage activities first. Onpage SEO is beam of ranking. If your onpage SEO is weak, you can’t achieve desired results. Put appropriate title and meta description with prominence and proximity. Your website should be internally linked with appropriate anchor text on their relevant urls. Keyword should be place on prominent area in your content. There should not be any grammatical error in your content and whole content should be unique and fresh. Do not stop posting new content on your website with uniformity. And never change your meta tags and content of ranked page. Although, you can update content but never ever try to change meta tags.

Now turn to offpage activities. Start directory submission, articles posting, blogs submission, classified listing and forum participation. Keyword should be mapped before starting these activities. Unmapped keywords can spoil your efforts. You can do link building (Reciprocal or three way linking).


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