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SEO for Restaurant and Hotels website


Travel industry is expanding its area day by day. There are lots of tourist destinations in India. And on every destination you can find all type of hotels and restaurants according to your budget. People are now more internet savvy.

They book their hotels before reaching their destinations. In the era of this competition, hotels and restaurant can survive if they have visibility on internet. To make their visibility they need to make a website. Only a simple website can’t resolve their issue.

They need to get their website optimized on search engines with their relevant keyword which are used in search by their proposed customers. Here are few tips to get their website optimized.

  • Target Exact keywords: Generally people search with keywords “Hotels in destination name” or “best hotels in destination name”. So first do some keyword research and find potential keywords.
  • Keywords placement: After keyword research, place high traffic driven keywords on prominent places in website and content. These places are , <Meta Description> and <Body>.
  • Hotel packages: Every person has different need to others. So try to make different packages to target every customer. Customized packages not only increase your webpages to get your website ranked but also target your niche customers.
  • Local information: Put local information, culture, trends, whether and best time of destination on your website. It makes your website authorized.

And finally do everything of onpage and offpage optimization.Congratulations!! Your hotel website is now going to Dance on top rank in Google.


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