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How to receive all emails on single gsuite email


GSuite can help you get all the email on a single account. This feature is called “Catch All”.

To enable this feature follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in >> Go to Apps >> Click on Gmail >> Click on “Default Routing”

Click on the EDIT of existing entry.

Step 2: At the last of 2nd point, Check “Add More Recipient”

Step 3: Check “Change envelope recipient” >> Replace Recipient “Enter New Email Address (where you want all the emails delivered)”>> Un Check “Do not deliver spam to this recipient”.

This setting will help you get all the emails of other virtual addresses on a single email address.

Use case: Let’s suppose you have just 1 email account “[email protected]” subscribed for. Now if somebody tried to contact your sales or marketing department and use [email protected] or [email protected] which are not actually existed then the messages sent to these emails will be delivered to your existing account [email protected]

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