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G Suite promo code FREE Basic and Business in Desamark


At the corporate level, Google’s ecosystem of applications and services is particularly valued. Called G Suite, the American company offers a set of solutions to companies that revolve around different tools that help improve the communication and experience of these companies with their customers.

In addition to offering greater control over issues related to planning, storage or teamwork.

Among its main applications are some of the most used in our daily lives, such as Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Drive, among others. Below is an analysis of its main advantages.

Benefits of G Suite

One of the aspects of G Suite that should be highlighted is the improvement in communication that a company can carry out with its clients based on the set of tools it offers. Through Gmail, companies can personalize their email addresses, improving their image and increasing their visibility in the market.

At the same time, without leaving the email inbox, it is possible to make a call or a video call with a customer. With the only requirement of having your email. A very useful option when planning meetings and humanizing the relationship, especially in the case of those companies established in the era of digitalization.

Planning events, both with our clients and with the rest of our team, is one of the main challenges we will have to face as a company. Especially when they are large in size. Through Google Calendar, it is possible to schedule the available rooms, block a number of hours for an entire team or consult the details or attachments of a particular event. Together with the email client, Google Calendar is one of the most widely used tools.

Immersed in the era of digitalization and remote work, having the necessary tools that allow companies to continue working without distance being a problem is essential. For this reason, through Documents and Spreadsheets allows collaborative work between different professionals on the same document. Offering the option of editing all types of files between several people simultaneously in real time. Raising the word productivity in real time.

Works from different devices

One of the aspects that have made G Suite one of the most widely used tools in all kinds of digital environments is its compatibility. It doesn’t matter if you work from a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. Google has made a significant effort to ensure that the user experience is the same regardless of the device.

In addition, it allows perfect synchronization between all types of operating systems. In both Windows and MacOS. Passing through Android or iOS in the case of mobile environments. Different options in which there is only one beneficiary: the experience enjoyed by the end user.

This possibility arises as a result of the importance Google has given to the cloud. Storing all documents on the Internet, being accessible from any device with a network connection. This is one of the most important advantages when it comes to implementing its services in any company.

G Suite FREE trial

Despite the fact that being able to benefit from it means an economic cost for the company, it is important to take into account that with the promotion that can be found now in Desamark it is possible to try the tool for free for a few days.

G Suite promo code Basic and Business in Desamark

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As we have seen, G Suite is one of the most widely used tools in all types of corporate digital environments. Now, getting the suite at the best price is easier than ever.


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