What are reports and How to make it

Reports are the very essential part of any activity. It shows the discipline of workers and uniformity of Work. Reports tell the glorious story of success and looming tale of defeats. Reports are actually made to keep vigil on activities and employees interest in activities. Reports are not solely responsible to show the chosen path. You have to keep it along with “Draft”.

Usually I am asked about reports that how to make SEO reports, How to male Adv SEO reports, How to make Link building reports and how to make SEM or Google adwords reports. These all questions are asked by people who work under guidance of some SEO Gurus. What should be added and what should not be added in your reports, it all depends on your choice that what you want to make transparent. Usually reports are made to make happy either employer or client. That’s why reports too vary person to person.

In inhouse project report, you will have to emphasize on keywords ranking whereas by making client based project report you can make your client happy by showing creepy links and number of submissions. But the common thing in both reports is actual work you did on projects.

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