Sample SEO Report

SEO report should be a detail of all activity you did to get website ranked. In SEO report you should not forget to add Onpage and offpage activities separately. Because SEO can not be limited to either onpage optimization or offpage optimization. It is a composite approach of both onpage and offppage factors.


Sr. No OnPage Factors Estimated Time Status Proposed Results
1 Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics Configuration 2 Hrs Partially Done Easy Diagnosis of Errors and Report of Traffic (Tracking of website and users)
2 URL Re-Writing (10 Pages) 3 Hrs Partially Done SEO Friendly URL Structure recommended by Google
3 CSS and Java Script Optimization (10 Pages) 5 Hrs Pending Help to decrease page loading time
4 Soft 404 removed and URL redirected with 301 5 Hrs Done Error rectified
5 Link analysis (404 Analysis) and rectification of error 4 Hrs Done “Page Not Found” block or break path of user as well as of crawlers.
6 Set Browsers compatibility 1 Hr Done To make website compatible for every browser.
7 Usability analysis 3 Hrs Done Analysis of hierarchy of website to keep you away from funnel abandonment problem.
8 Title & Meta Description 2 Hrs Done Google Webmaster Tool  (Title & Description are okay)
9 Content optimization (Prominence and Proximity) 10 Hrs Done Content is king. It should be genuine and fresh. (No copied or partially modified al all.)
10 Keyword mapping and Internal Linking 5 Hrs Done It makes website stronger.

Above mentioned report is not full SEO report. It shows your onpage activities only. You will have to create another report to make SEO report complete. Now please check below mentioned report. All offpage factors are mentioned in this report.


Sr. URL PageRank URL Targeted Keywords Status
1 4 Kw1, Kw2 Approved
2 3 Kw3, Kw4, Kw2, Kw1 Pending
1 3 Kw1 Approved
2 0 Kw1 Pending
1 0 Kw1, Kw2, Kw3 Approved
2 1 Kw2, Kw3, Kw4 Approved

Kw = Keywords

**Blogs are controlled by users themselves. That’s why approval and pending status is depend of users point of interest.

I am not adding link building. Link building report is made in different manner.



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