Google is not caching my website

If google is not caching your website, it means you need to update your website. If you are update your website frequently and still your site is not being cached, it means you need to check whether your “If modified since” header is on or not. Because this header tell crawler about update happen on your websites.

Second reason may be uselessness of your updates. If crawler think that new update is insufficient to its data base, your website will not be cached.

Third reason is: No one is searching your website. No one come on your website and does not navigate.

Fourth reason is: You have not patience. Keep it and wait. Meanwhile you can do offpage activities to welcome crawler from various other different ways. It really work.

6 thoughts on “Google is not caching my website”

  1. Very Nice information is share by author normally people never target these basic things in there process it is very essential we must update our site time to time.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing It was very use full for me to enhance my knowledge and I’m sure we will able to improve our business by help of School4SEO. thanks again..

  3. Actually, I wanted to know why google takes a long days gap to cache my site. I do have sufficient contents and also the new contents are being added frequently. Google used to visit my site after 5-6 days. Is that normal? My competitors are getting google everyday basis.

    Please suggest, I will be highly thankful. My domain is listed above.


    • Hi Kumar,
      There is a function in webmaster tool, called “fetch as google bot”. Use that function and then click on “Submit to index”. It will help to get your website cached in next day. But why do you think that Google should cache your website daily? Do you know that every page is cached separately? it mean you should not be worry about caching. And to see crawling status, you should again use GWT >> Crawl stats.
      If you still have issues or doubt, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

      Nitin Batra

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