Levi is an experienced marketing strategist for a software company that sells a learning platform to public schools. He has developed healthy individual measurement habits that drive his success in constantly evolving his company’s marketing strategies to the changing needs of the schools. Which two habits has Levi developed to help him evaluate and adapt his marketing strategies? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answers are:
1. He segments data using his company’s CRM dashboards, giving his organization access to data that powers their decision-making.
2. He encourages learning from failure, which is necessary for testing the possibilities and for learning what does not work.

The two habits Levi has developed to help him evaluate and adapt his marketing strategies are:

  • Democratize data in your organization via dashboards. Everyone needs to be able to easily access data that powers their decision-making, on any device, especially mobile phones.
  • Encourage learning from failure. Failure has a bad reputation. It’s often thought of as falling short of expectations, or a mistake. But failure is necessary for testing the possibilities, and for learning what doesn’t work.


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