Felix launched both a Google Search Ad campaign and a Google Display Ad campaign to drive sales of tools on his home improvement website. He reviewed his sales data after two weeks and noticed his Search Ad campaign is the most successful. Which optimization type should Felix use if he wants to use bidding or targeting to acquire more customers?

  • Media Mix
  • Channel
  • Attribution
  • Placements

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Correct Answer is:

If felix wants to use bidding or targeting to acquire more customers, he should use channel optimization type. This is changing how ads are delivered within a specific channel for maximum impact on business outcomes. There are three main types of channel optimization:

  • Bidding: Acquire more customers by adjusting bids based on a rich set of auction-time signals.
  • Creative: Customize your assets to serve the right message to the right user at the right moment.
  • Targeting: Reach those most interested in your business with dynamic audience targeting.


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