Aiesha is dissatisfied with the conversion rate that her ads are generating for her retail website. She wants to make some changes to improve the conversion rate. What should she do to achieve this? (Choose two.)

  • Google Ads Certification Exam – All Q&As * Updated on 10-January-2020

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Correct Answer is:
1. Use negative keywords to add limits to her ads.
2. Use more specific keywords that limit the volume of clicks.

Aiesha wants to improve conversion rates she should use more specific keywords negative keywords to limit the volume of irrelevant clicks and improve relevant clicks. Specific keywords often tend to have a better conversion rate than general keywords. When you use negative keywords, your ad won’t show up when people search for those specific keywords. This is helpful when you’re trying to limit your ad so that it doesn’t show up for people who are just browsing and aren’t ready to purchase anything yet.



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