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You want to enter keywords based on interest or behaviors for your Google Video campaign. What audience solution should you use?

You should use the Custom Audiences solution for your Google Video campaign if you want to enter key words based on interest or behaviors.

  • Affinity Audiences
  • Infinite Taxonomy Audiences
  • Life Events
  • Custom Audiences

The correct answer is: Custom Audiences

Explanation: To reach your desired audience for your Google Video campaign based on their interests or behaviors, you should use custom segments. Custom segments allow you to add specific keywords, URLs, and apps related to your product or service to show ads to people who are likely to be interested in these keywords on pages, apps, and videos. By creating a custom list of people, you can connect with unique user groups based on their interests and passions. Additionally, the system can interpret all of these signals and choose a segment that aligns with your campaign goals and bidding strategy.

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