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Following the ABCD framework, the direct component has three basic elements that, if possible, every YouTube video should include. You should give them direction and make the offer stand out. What third element of direct does the ABCDs of YouTube contain?

The ABCDs of YouTube contains the third element of direct Make the call-to-action audible and visible.

  • Re-purpose imagery and video assets.
  • Edit the video ad to run in under five seconds.
  • Include two different language translations.
  • Make the call-to-action audible and visible.

The correct answer is: Make the call-to-action audible and visible.

It’s important to direct viewers to take action or reinforce the main message to ensure the connection your ad creates with the audience pays off. Reinforce the direction: Making the call-to-action audible and visible makes it more effective. In terms of visuals, a call-to-action can be presented through text cards or simple animation.

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