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An advertiser has seen a lot of success with Google Search, and they’d like to increase their reach by creating a Display campaign. They’d like the setup to be as effortless as possible. What kind of targeting should they use in their Display campaign?

An advertiser should run A Smart Display campaign because he handles many responsibilities, from logistics to marketing and like to be as effortless as possible with Display campaign.

  • Manually selected targeting
  • Optimized targeting and manually selected targeting
  • No targeting
  • Optimized targeting

The correct answer is: Optimized targeting

If an advertiser,who already is handling many responsibilities and wants to run a Display campaign effortlessly, he should choose Smart Display Campaign. Smart Display Campaign bundles together all the pillars of successful Display campaigns and accesses the best of Google’s machine learning capabilities to optimize and automate nearly all aspects of your Display campaigns. You provide a few inputs: what your ads will say, images you want to use, daily budget, and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) performance targets.

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