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A travel marketer wants to serve their ads only to potential customers who are specifically looking for all-inclusive vacation options in Paris. The marketer decide to use an exact-match keyword of “all-inclusive vacation Paris.” Which search terms might match with this ad?

  • “All-inclusive family vacation”
  • “Best all-inclusive vacation”
  • “All-inclusive vacation”
  • “All-inclusive Paris holiday”

The Correct Answer is: “All-inclusive Paris holiday”

An Exact keyword match type that allows you to show your ads on searches that have the same meaning or same intent as your keyword. Exact match gives you the most control over who sees your ad but reaches fewer searches than both phrase and broad match. This allows you to reach only users who make searches with the same meaning as your keywords, including:

  • Misspellings
  • Singular or plural forms
  • Stemmings (for example, floor and flooring)
  • Abbreviations
  • Accents

The marketer decides to use an exact-match keyword of “all-inclusive vacation Paris”. “All-inclusive Paris holiday” search terms might match this ad.

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