DeShawn uses Google Ads. He wants to enable website call conversion tracking so he can see how his current ad campaign is driving users to call the number on his business website. How are the calls tracked to DeShawn’s account?

  • Google Ads Certification Exam – All Q&As * Updated on 10-January-2020

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Correct Answer is:
A dynamically created Google forwarding number

The calls are tracked to DeShawn’s account by a dynamically created Google forwarding number. To track calls to a number on a website, Google provides DeShawn’s business with a unique phone number that helps identify and measure calls that users have made from his site after clicking on his ad. When someone visits Deshawn’s business website after clicking on one of his ads and then calls his business, using the Google forwarding number on his website, he can identify and measure those calls using website call conversion tracking.



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