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How to protect the website from Bad Links?

Protect your website from bad links is very hard. One side you want to be ranked on the top position on the first page and on the other side you want your competitors ignore your success and do nothing to get you down; this is impossible!

If you are ranking well on search engines and getting benefits from most of the lead-oriented search queries, your competitors will start working to get you down. They will start making bad links for your websites. Your website will be posted on irrelevant, spam, and penalized websites. This is also a part of this digital marketing business.

Solutions to Get Rid of Bad Links

To get rid of these websites you need to do following things:

  • Contact the webmaster of that website and request them to delete those links that are bad for your website. They may ask you some amount to remove those poor [email protected] link. DO NOT PAY THEM. (If you have so much money to pay for it, then PAY ME darling. I am spending hours to write this article.)
  • Use Disavow tool of Google and Bing for protection from the links that somebody made to get your website down. You can find these tools in the Search console or webmaster tools of these search engines. This action will guard your website.
  • Start creating relevant links and get the help of experienced webmasters to build useful links.
  • Focus on writing the sharable content.
  • Contact professional bloggers and get the content written and posted about your service and product

Benefit of these above-mentioned practices to VOID the impact of bad links:

Your bad link impact will become void after getting relevant links. You get benefits from search engines even if your website is just mentioned in other blogs and articles.

Why not to pay to remove bad links:

NO, DON’T PAY. Because Google and other search engines know this tactic. That’s why Disavow tool was introduced. Your money will encourage such people for this unethical practice.

What if my website get down by these bad links?

Until you are involved in link baiting practice, your website won’t go down. If your website is getting down without your involvement in any such practice then it might be because of the content. Google understands the pattern of links and the websites that are giving links randomly. Google knows the owner details too.

How do I know this? I know this secret because when I launch a website, I use Google tools like Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Adsense etc. To use these tools you certainly need to make Google Account.  In the Google account you mention your contact detail.
 Now you will think O! BHENCHO, why didn't we think it?

So Google knows exactly who is running those websites, what are all other websites running by those spammers.

But you are requested to not be involved in link-building practice if you don’t know the correct way. I shall tell you how to make Good links later.

It is well understood to Google that if a website is giving links to websites randomly then it may be a spam website. Would you give the link to any website? NO, you won’t give until you are impressed with the service or product of those websites.

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