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How to score better in Google Ads and Analytics exams?


Google provides tons of material to study and score in the Google certifications. Google has a deal with SkillShop to manage the certification exams. All the lessons and training materials are well documented. You can learn from there. You can score better in the Google Ads and Google Analytics certification exams through the help of

Google certifications are essential to earn Google publisher badge. Apart from showing positive results in campaigns and account, 50% of your users must be certified. Questions in these certification exams, covers all the topics from Structuring the campaigns, targeting, goal setting, conversion tracking and remarketing. Through the study material you can learn about strategic planning of campaign. How can you target the potential customer on the basis of demographic data and interests, these all aspects are covered in the SkillShop training lessons.

How to score better than others?

You must have a running account so that you can immediately test what you have learned in the lesson. Keep reading the lesson carefully and do not leave any single link without checking it. Some strategic concepts can be learnt by diving deep in the study material.

Study just 1 hr a day. Apply the concept at least 3 times that you have learned during that 1 hr study.

Have a budget for the experiment

Whatever you are learning, you should do it practically too. To run those experiments, have certain budget. This practice will help you understand the studied concept more clearly and you will learn whether this concept suites to your targeted market and audience or not?

Is it really necessary to go through this study material to have certifications?

No, this is really not compulsory to invest your valuable time to earn certification. If you have enough experience and think your existing knowledge is enough to clear the exam. You should not invest your time in those boring study materials. Rather invest that time to increase your business revenue and to live a quality live with family.

Authenticity and Trustworthiness

There are many websites that provide identically similar questions and answers. These websites can help you score better quickly in the first attempt. But those websites don’t provide any clarification about the correct answers.

Unlike others, provides you all the questions and answers with explanations and referral link to the authority websites where you can see why the correct answer is actually correct.

Google Exams Live Support is the only website that provide live support in Google exam through Zoom, Google meet or any similar tool of your choice. You can get the help of experts to earn the certificate. It saves approx. 65% time in the exam. This secured and confidential service let you focus on completing the other qualifications to earn Goggle Partner Badge.


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