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How to submit proposals on upwork.com? Sample cover letters

To know how to submit the proposals for freelancing job is very important.

Keep things in your mind while submitting the proposals:

  • Most of the readers of this article are new to upwork.com and other freelancing websites. Just focus on the project. You may have to compromise with earning in your first few projects.
  • Focus on deliverables. Your satisfied employer can help you get more jobs by his positive ratings and referrals.
  • Lowest bid still win the heart. Employers want cost efficient work. Many people still look for competitive price. In your first few project, keep your bid lowest. You can initially bid at $3/- per hour.
  • Offer them extra. Just serve them extra without asking for remunerations.
  • Be always ready for refund. Negative rating may cost you dearer. Even after being under top freelancers, never compromise with rating.
  • If employer is annoying, just finish his work quietly and do not submit proposal for any further job.

Cover letter samples:

Cover letters are written according to the Job description (JD). Read the JD carefully and mention all the things in your cover letter. You can hire people to have idea how the cover letters are written. Have 4-5 cover letters ready in PDF format and as soon as you see any new job, try to become the first bidder.

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