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Secret tips to get first job on


Finding your first project is not so easy. You need following things:

  • Better Cover letter
  • Projects to show
  • Best reputation among others

Reputation is the real secret of success. Reputation can be earned by getting best reviews. Here you can’t compromise. You can compromise with earning, work and work stress but can never compromise with the rating and review. Better rating helps you getting more projects and better review build trust.

How to find the first project

Finding first project is crucial. Second secret is to have any connection with eomployer on upwork. If you have any connection with any employer on upwork, ask him to get you first job. In most of cases such employer only can become the ray of hope. Not every one is luck enough to find the job quickly. Only two out of fifteen can get the job in their 1st month.

Even after getting the job in first month, it’s quite hard to get another. Until you have completed some milestones on, you are not preferred to hire.

Early success can help you become rising talent on upwork. Ask you employers to assign you more projects. Serve them at better price. Do not focus on earning. Always focus on building the reputation.

Invest on your first project

Third secret is the investment from your own pocket. Just think, how much have you spent on your education.  Was that spent amount not the investment of your future? Try to invest on freelancing websites. This investment can help you earning in 6 figures.

How long should you compromise with your earning?

1st milestone is $1000 (Don’t even see $100 milestone). Until you would have earned this much amount on upwork, don’t stop asking your previous employer for job. Meanwhile keep applying for relevant jobs. If the first employer can give you job worth $110, you can keep getting attention from other employers while applying.

Job success score matter a lot, also the bidding amount. Below mentioned table can help you understand the chances to be hired.

  Job Success Rate Bid Reviews/Rating Result
Freelancer 1 100 100 5 star Hire
Freelancer 2 90 100 5 star No
Freelancer 3 100 90 4 star Hire
Freelancer 4 90 100 4 star No
Freelancer 5 100 100 4 star No
Freelancer 6 90 90 4 star Hire

Quick tips for getting the first Job on Upwork or any freelancing website:

  • Go for smaller projects
  • Bid absolutely less
  • Try to finish the project quickly
  • Do not charge much for hourly job.
  • Always answer screening questions
  • Read job descriptions very carefully. Many employers hide secret words in the JD and ask you to reply by mentioning that.
  • Cover letter should be precise.
  • Always mention your level of experience as “Expert”. There are two more options on upwork, i.e. Entry and Intermediates.
  • Be available for more than 30 hrs per week. No body is going to buy for such time and for smaller projects.

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