How to find the first job or project on Upwork?

Finding right job on is not too hard. There are employers who purposely hire newcomers or new freelancers. Because new freelancers can deliver the job at better (competitive) price. They know that being a new freelancer, you will focus on rating instead of the money.

How to apply for the job if you are new on

  • Keep checking the old jobs and see what are the questions asked.
  • Be always ready for customized cover letter. Have 4-5 types of cover letter ready.
  • Time is the key. Check previous job listings and see when/at what time jobs were posted. Be ready on that time.
  • First get attention, second gets opportunity. Even if it is true, don’t just wait. Always apply instantly.
  • Do not waste your connects (You have to buy connects to send your proposals on on applying for older than 3 hrs jobs.
  • Number of proposals matter. Check how many freelancers have already applied. If number is above 10, your chance is lower.
  • Start with little. Do not focus on earning on initial 10 projects. Try to get smaller $5 and $10 jobs.
  • Serve the solution. Do not just send the cover letter. Try to send the possible solution in your cover letter. Somebody asked me to implement the conversion code. I sent him the PDF guide to implement conversion code correctly. He was impressed with the service and hired me instantly.
  • If somebody asking for auditing report, just ask about their website and send the report as soon as possible without even being hired. You will be hired.

Being hired on is not too difficult. You just need to be online for 24 hrs X 5 days. You can hire me to get you the first job.

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