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What is SKAG in Google Ads/Search Engine Marketing?


SKAG is acronym of “Single Keyword Adgroup”.

When is SKAG used?

SKAG is use in various conditions. You can use it if:

  • you want to lower your CPC
  • you want to improve ad performance
  • you don’t know the right keyword with lowest cpc
  • you don’t know potential keywords and have doubt on the result of keyword discovery tool.

Benefits of SKAG (Single Keyword Adgroups):

  • You can use keyword in your ad copies without worrying about other keywords. SKAG let you make dedicated ad for each targeted keyword.
  • Better CPC, Impression numbers, and easy to analyze keyword performance.

How to target keywords in SKAG?

It depends on your motive of running SKAG. You can use broad match modifier in SKAG if your goal is to find potential keywords.

You can use exact match keywords to lower your CPC and increase performance. But exact match lower your chance of being found. You can see good reduction in actual cpc. Sometimes you may see better conversion rates without using negative keywords. But I personally recommend to make a list of negative keywords and keep using that in all your campaigns.


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