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How to find Google Ads or SEM project quickly on


Many new freelancers keep searching about the trick to find their first Google Ads project. Finding first few SEM jobs is quite difficult. Even if having certifications in Google ads and Analytics you can take your first job easily until you are exceptionally lucky.

There are some tips to grab your first SEO/Google Ads Job:

Always Online

1st Rule of having the first job is being online for 24×7. Respond to the job as soon as the it is posted on the website

Lowest Bid Always Win

2nd Rule is to bid lowest until you cross $1k milestone. Good employers respect the work and even after getting lowest bid from you, most of them will pay you decent bonus.

No Harm in Asking

3rd Rule is to keep asking for new jobs from previous employers on or other freelancing website. Yes, they may create a job for you and help you maintain weekly performance. You can help them extracting or researching important reports and data.

Research Matters

4th Rule is to keep researching the time when most of the Google Ads jobs are posted on freelancing websites. Be online that time.

Many Smalls Make Bigger

5th Rule is to keep bidding for smaller projects. Employers prefer hiring freelancers having earned decent amount and bidding lowest for their project.

Be Loyal and Faithful

6th Rule is to keep alerting them about new things and reports that can be useful for them. Tell them the important changes that can be helpful to reduce cost or improve ROI of Google Ads campaigns

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