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How to Hire right candidate on


Finding right candidate on is not much hard if you just be aware of your work requirements. There are thousands of freelancers on always ready for your job but choosing the right candidate is quite tricky.

Always remember:

  • There are freelancers who can deliver the desired job at lower than expected budget
  • Freelancers on always focus on maintaining their ratings, so there is an opportunity to push them a little for extra.
  • Don’t push too hard, they too may rate you lower
  • Always pay extra tip and try to hire a person 3-4 times. Don’t change your freelancer too often.
  • Loyal freelancer always works better, guide better and help you make right decisions. They work extra without asking for extra (Remuneration).

Take Risk Get Extra:

  • Don’t hesitate to hire new person. New freelancer can deliver more work at lower price.
  • You may see it as a risk but most of freelancers are enough compatible. Incompetent can’t even send you cover letter.
  • Give opportunity to newcomers and they will stick to work for you at competitive price (at least for few months)

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